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Take CONTROL of your health with a nutrition coach dedicated to helping tired, overwhelmed, and stressed professionals- like you. Boost your mental focus, productivity, and confidence with your personal nutrition coach.

"I'm finally in control of my health"


Tackle brain fog, hormones, and gut issues to be the leader you are meant to be


No diet pills, no fad diets, only a proven personalized nutrition plan to fit your busy schedule


Have enough energy at the end of the day to spend quality time with your loved ones

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Your Career Goals are my career goals

I help C-suite executives, global innovators, directors, and managers perform their best  by eliminating health barriers that slow them down.

Let me help you attain your highest levels of performance.

Brain fog, sluggishness, food comas, belly fat- maybe you’re so used to it you think it’s normal, but it’s not. I’m here to help you change that.

So, stop wasting time and money on diets and supplements that your body does not need. Your health is valuable, trust a registered dietitian who has spent years helping people just like you. 

Let me be your online nutrition coach.

Take advantage now to find out how to:

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Cross your health off your To-Do list

I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders who have suffered from poor dietary habits they’ve developed over 30 or more years.

With meaningful dialogue, we will discover what fits your lifestyle. Your constant input and my guidance will shape your dietary journey of improvement.

Picky eater? Hate certain textures? Never eaten a vegetable? No problem, I’ve seen it all. Foggy brain? Stomach pain? Let’s get to the bottom of it!

3-month VIP program

The most comprehensive framework​

Phase 1
Hormone Boost

  • Eliminate fatigue and regain energy and libido
  • Rejuvenate your cells and improve your metabolic markers
  • Increase muscle mass and lose fat Reset your body’s schedule

Phase 2
Gut Boost

  • Clear up brain fog
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • No more food coma and bloating after meals

Phase 3
Lifestyle Boost

  • Ensure long-term success
  • Superfood hacks
  • Incorporate movement

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The Choice is Yours...

Option 1. The do-it-yourself diet

Option 2. Let me guide you

I know what you're thinking...

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Not a worry, if you eat out more than you cook, I can still help you adjust your diet to meet your goals. If your spouse cooks, they are invited to join our consultations so that everyone is on board.

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While weight-loss is the most common health objective, it is not an overall measure of health. I strive to overwrite unhealthy eating habits that you may have developed over 30 years in order to reduce inflammation, gut pain, IBS, foggy brain etc. While before/after photos effectively demonstrate weight-loss, they fail at showing other healthy transformations.

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In our consultations, we will develop nutrition goals that are familiar to your current lifestyle, together. Gradual and consistent improvements will guarantee your success. I have no interest in making you vegan if you are not interested in it!

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By following my recommendations, you will take steps towards your health goal. But your commitment is essential to your success. If you are able to follow the recommendations we develop together, and are not seeing any results, then we will need to find the root cause.

Take control of your health today

Your career and family deserve you at your absolute best. Why should your health get in the way?