MY Mission

To use nutrition to elevate the quality of life of global leaders by eliminating health barriers. In doing so, I want my clients to focus on what’s important – their careers and their families.

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How many times have you had to make this decision?

I constantly found myself struggling to juggle all three. In one year, I began my private practice, became a first-time parent, and developed persistent health issues.

But in order to keep up with my busy life, I sacrificed my health – constantly. Even as a dietitian, I was guilty of ignoring my own nutrition.

But I noticed that whenever I ate well, I would have the energy to take care of my business and family.

So I developed a framework that would:

1. Improve my health
2. Fit my busy lifestyle

I’m by no means perfect.

Life is a struggle of balance and I wanted to be honest and realistic with myself. As a dietitian, I already knew that a restrictive cookie-cutter meal plan with drastically different foods than my current intake just wouldn’t cut it.

And I also realized that if I wanted life-long results, this plan had to be time-efficient, flexible, and sustainable.

My VIP Program is..



I barely have time for breakfast

I knew that my method had to work for the busy  days where I had a few minutes to eat something in between seeing clients.



I eat out frequently

Whether it’s for the convenience or the social aspects, I wanted to be comfortable ordering at fancy restaurants.



I want long-term success

The only thing worse than failing is succeeding only to fail again. Restrictive diets don’t work in the long run because everyone relapses.

After seeing results for myself,
I began sharing my approach with my clients.

Within 3 months...

What leaders are saying...

…absolute pleasure


…Highly recommended!

5 things you didn't know about me

  1. I learned how to ride a bike at 23
  2. I’m a certified diabetes educator
  3. I was born and raised in Montreal (and still miss it)
  4. I’m specialized in anti-aging as per the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  5. I’ve never seen the movie Titanic

Bonus: I’ve been to Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Barbados, England, most of the Middle East, and next on my bucket list is Indonesia. You can help me reach this goal by booking a free chat below 😉