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At What I do best

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Warren Buffett

You’ve seen new diets pop up every year.

With the amount of information out there, it’s impossible to tell what works best for you unless you try it. But you are busy! You shouldn’t feel confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated with programs that are NOT SUSTAINABLE in the long term.

Your health should help advance your business and career.

If It's About Nutrition, Ask Your Dietitian.

My specialties

Eliminate Foggy Brain

Target fatigue and brain fogginess that impedes your professional growth. Feed your brain the nutrients it needs.

Manage weight

Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Use a painless non-diet approach so it won't feel restrictive.

Balance Diabetes/Cholesterol

Discover how tweaking your diet can improve your sugars and cholesterol levels, improving your daily well-being.

Crush Gut Pain, IBS

Put an end to the pain and fatigue! Examine your intake by a professional and prevent the pain instead of treating the symptoms.

Conquer Eating disorders

Don't feel alone while facing disorders and habits that have festered over the years. Let me guide you safely.

Sleep peacefully

Achieve RESTFUL sleep by tackling the dietary issues that might be the root cause of those sleepless nights.

Our Journey Together

Step 1

Free 30 min strategy call

Find out how I can help you and if we’d make a good team. I’ll learn about your health goals and you can ask any burning questions

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Step 2

3-Month VIP Program

Our sessions will include:
  • Initial assessment (90min)
  • 1 week free meals/ snacks (Fasting-mimicking diet)
  • Daily texts/ emails support or 15 min calls in the morning
  • Weekly live modules (60 min)
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Brain hacks for mindful eating, motivation, and accountability.
  • Recipes/ resources provided as needed
  • Weekly summary of recommendations and progress/ plan
We go far beyond your nutrition. My goal is to improve your overall quality of life.

Step 3

Enjoy life in your best heath

Focus on your career and your family. Travel. Eat out.

You’ll continue to feel great with our focus on fat loss, muscle gain, brain fog, gut health, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

The only "real secret" to a healthy body is ACCOUNTABILITY & KNOWLEDGE.

My proven 3-month VIP Program is built on peer-reviewed scientific studies – not fad cleanses. Armed with this knowledge, a realistic regimen, and my coaching to guide you on your journey, we will undo decades of eating habits.  One step at a time.